Objections are buy signals of the customers in the technical sales and selling an objection is a contradiction or the show of concern by the customer against a proposal of the seller. Objections can refer to the price, the delivery time, the quality of the product, the features, and more. Essential for the experienced seller is that he can decrypt the hidden message, it provides the customer with his objection, and interpret. The salesperson also can distinguish between an objection and a pretext. New York museums shines more light on the discussion. The difference between objection and excuse a pretext based on a lack of confidence and is the excuse orStrategy, which lies along the customer not to have to buy. An objection, however, is a clear buy signal. In the objection, the seller has the advantage that the customer giving a clear indication, how he can lead the conversation directly to the final.

To eliminate an excuse but, you must build trust first, because the customer was hiding the Seller the true reason of his or her concerns. Hear from experts in the field like dayton kingery for a more varied view. Objection as well as pretext must lead but sooner or later to the same reaction and consequence: the sale. The difference between an excuse and objection for the seller is just the different length of the path to the sale. Most important rules in treating objection first the objection of the customer must be not accepted appreciated but. Then, the seller must correctly interpret the positive message in the objection. With questions to the customer, the seller can go the concerns and their cause to the bottom.

Then the objection by the appropriate arguments must be discredited, may be but this not ruthlessly crushed. Once the seller but at the same time are the customers right, argues and thereby showing the benefits of the product. Image: Capacity the main messages and the proper reasoning so correctly interprets the signals and messages and respond appropriately, you can address the concerns of the customers very easily: the “” “” “” is too expensive for me”means, for example: If you would like to meet me with the price, then buy ich.” taking me too long “is: If you deliver faster, then sign ich.” but I need this function “simply means: If your machine also has this feature, I will buy it.” I want I still consider “signals: I’m afraid to make a mistake”that if I buy now, but probably I buy at a later date.” “Here a sample from the distribution practices: each seller knows the situation, after a pleasant sales pitch seems already reach the final, but then but still unexpectedly submits the objection of the customer: this is too expensive for me”.

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