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Furniture and technique. Do not overload your apartment furniture. After you rent an apartment for non-durable time and tenants will not put all their possessions. The level and value of the furniture in the apartment directly proportional to the level of the apartment apartment in Kharkov. Much attention is paid beds. Do not compromise on these items of furniture, as they are constantly at work. Enough of a wardrobe, table, chairs and built-in kitchen. The kitchen is a need for a large number of cabinets is generally absent.

The best materials for upholstered furniture – imitation leather, leather, stain-resistant fabric is better not to light shades. A good choice would be removable covers that can be periodically replaced. Not forget about lighting the apartment – the apartment is lighter – the more favorable impression she makes on customers. Reasonable solution would be energy-efficient light bulbs. Apartment for rent is to be staffed minimum set of home appliances – kettle, fridge and TV.

The apartments and higher-level standard required the presence of satellite television and the Internet. Do not forget the cups and plates in the kitchen. 3. Clean. Clean Apartments – 60% of its success. Requires general cleaning every time you change the guests, while their long stay – in agreement with the tenants. There should always be clean bed linen, towels and soap. Warns that the apartments do not smoke – the smell of tobacco is very difficult to draw and it always provokes a bad impression of the apartment. 4. Tenants. Typically 50% of clients – is repeat customers. Others are formed through advertising in mass media, placing photos of apartments on the Internet. To the selection of tenants should be approached with knowledge of the case. Better to give priority to people and business traveler, attentive to the residents of this city. In this the case of apartment you may need for anniversaries or other noisy activities. You should avoid people under 20 years – for various reasons, they are less accurate. Be sure to specify in advance the number of residents in the apartment. For these purposes, have an acquaintance in the neighborhood. Also be sure to inquire about the availability of domestic fowl – some clients are not informed about this feature, and you then have to remove the smell throughout the apartment and washable blankets .. Be sure to take photos of passport data of tenants. If people are being settled for a long time – draw up a contract. We hope that these simple tips will help you prepare well for the delivery of apartments in Kharkov, to get maximum benefit and reduce the risks.

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