Climate Change And Health

Meanwhile, researchers wildfires note that Climate change will create new fire-prone regions across the globe, as well as shall lead the wild fires from areas where they periodically raging in our day. In its work, the study authors tracked the pattern of occurrence and spread of wild fires on a global scale, and identified the climatic parameters that affect the risk of wild fires. This allowed them to compare the data with the prediction of fire related global climate change in the future. It turned out that in the next three decades, the most likely place of occurrence of wild fires are the Tibetan Plateau and the western United States, where now such fires occur rarely. At the same time in the north-western China and in many African regions, the risk of wild fires substantially reduced.

Scientists discovered in the Andes, the smallest frog is one of the most small amphibians in the world and most of all the tiny frog ever found in the Andes, caught in southern Peru, scientists from Germany and the usa. A new species named Noblella pygmaea. Discover 'dwarf', but even more so to catch it was difficult not only by virtue of its size but also because of the brown 'disguise'. It turned out that the female Noblella pygmaea reaches its maximum size 12.4 mm, and the male is even less – 11,1. They live in tropical evergreen forests, among shrubs and alpine meadows, preferring leaf litter on the heights of 3025-3190 meters above sea level. Kind of interesting by the fact that females are able to defer only two eggs, each about four millimeters in diameter.

Unlike most other amphibians, they lay eggs in anything wet on the ground, such as moss. It should also be noted that the offspring Noblella pygmaea in its development does not go through the tadpole stage – 'children' is immediately ready for 'adult' life. Feast of Weeks: World Health Day 7 April every year throughout the world celebrates World Health Day, which was established in 1950 on the day of establishment of the World Health Organization – an international organization whose main tasks is to fight with dangerous diseases, improving environmental health, the creation of the international sanitary rules. This year's issue, which is dedicated to the World Day health, has become theme of 'Health care facilities in emergency situations. " Health care organizations often suffer from emergencies, natural disasters, and various man-made and natural disasters. This leads to the fact that the affected population is deprived of the opportunity to receive health services that are often critical to health and life. The theme of Health in 2009 aims to highlight the importance health agencies working in emergency situations. Photofact week: Ten interesting facts about the animal life on our planet resides a huge amount of living organisms – animals, insects, birds, etc. Some of them to us seem rather ordinary, others – affect their appearance. We have already talked about the most unusual living creatures that inhabit the Earth. And photofact last week we talked about ten interesting facts animal life.


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