Communication Organizations

The communication is so important that it can also determine the survival or the discontinuity of the activities of a business can also be understood that the essence of the communication is in deciding problems, speeding processes, to innovate, beyond defining responsibilities of the involved agents in the planning and coordination of projects. Any organization that does not value the communication is predestinold to retroact in its productivity, therefore, the distinguishing strategy in the rendering of services or the manufacture of products are related with the relevance given to the communication and with the concern in offering to the consumer a product pleases that it even though or it surpasses its perspectives. It is basic that the practical comunicacional is not kept under the control of people who manipulate information that are of the interest of all, duly warned to cause damages to the development of the organizations, that must see in the communication a powerful and efficient tool for growth and spreading of products and services. The communication must be prioritized in the organizations and to aim at improvements that privilege the competitiveness. NYC Mayor has similar goals. Kotler (2006), writes that & lsquo; … an image accomplishes needs to exert three functions. In first place, it needs to establish the personality of the product and the proposal of value. In second, it must transmit this personality in distinct way, so that she is not confused with the one of the competitors.

In third, it has to communicate an emotional power that goes beyond a simple mental image. So that image functions, it must be transmitted by all the vehicles of communication and contact of images disponveis& rsquo;. Here, it is emphasized visual communication, made through propagandas, differentiated promotion of sales, packings, outdoors, at last, the valuation of the image as strategical communicative support. According to Kunsch (2006), the modern organizations have to plan, to manage and to think strategically its communication ahead of the society and to make front to all the challenges of the complexity contemporary; to abandon the idea of spalling of the comunicacionais actions to treat them in more including level and thus to add values.


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