Company Leaders

These are the types of people who are currently the managers of your company. The Japanese teachers teach their students to calculate without any instrument, the volume of the cages at the zoo, using only the visual estimate. That’s why, when the Japanese come to the exhibitions in the world, without pictures or video, return to their hotel and made plans for these machines. Under most conditions amazing restaurateur would agree. Moreover, the better. 2 .- Attitude toward Nature.

The Japanese plant a tree for every major event in your life. When they marry, they plant a tree when your children are born, grow a tree, so when you graduate, do planted in every important event. If our parents had planted a tree when we were born today will have an age of 20, 30 or 40 years, but more importantly, we’d love that tree, so that means in our lives. But what if that tree I planted the government? “I care a damn” is another tree. It is therefore important that each who make our own actions, so that the values and love later.

We complain about pollution, but we do not do anything about it, we complain about the lack of water and seek someone to blame, complain and complain, expecting someone else to solve. The Japanese are very religious, perhaps as some Catholics, but the difference is that they go to temples to offer, when we come to ask us, and we ask when we want, when we never appreciate. For example, unions in our countries require companies to better conditions in salary, whereas in Japan, offer the best results to the company for wage benefits.

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