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Ivory works has a wide experience in reforms Barcelona, attending for many years the petitions of the population of Barcelona and its surroundings for the reform of their homes, trade premises, buildings and other properties. We offer a wide variety of services such as: plumbing, masonry, carpentry, installation of kitchens, installation and electrical repairs, painting, rehabilitation of facades, waterproofing of walls, terraces, ceilings and roofs, flooring, paving, downpipes reform, and many other services for your Barcelona reforms. Ivory works you can count on a specialized personnel, which performs its work on reforms of flats in Barcelona with the seriousness and fulfillment that you request; We comply with delivery time set in all projects of reforms Barcelona. If you need reform your floor to change his appearance, or because it is bad do not hesitate in contacting us, we will assign a staff specialized in reforms of flats in Barcelona. Our service is custom, since every project is different to the other for this reason each case will be analyzed in particular. Order now your budget tailored without compromise we will analyze your project and send you an offer. We carry out a job guaranteed on reforms of flats in Barcelona, with our specialists in plumbing and masonry. Ivory works we have an expert team to solve cases of aluminosis Barcelona, they carried out a corrective treatment in the joists of your property where aluminosis is detected.

Aluminous cement was used extensively in Spain between the Decade of the 50 s and 70 s in the joists of the buildings, this material is affected by multiple factors which decrease the resistance of the structure. We have experts in the treatment of the Barcelona aluminosis in ivory works. The aluminosis is high risk for your edification since you may end up with the stability of its construction and must be corrected by specialists in aluminosis Barcelona. Get in touch with ivory works, through the phone. 93 410 27 74, our staff specializes in comprehensive reforms. We are in contact with you via social networks Facebook Twitter and LinkedIn.

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