Giuseppe Verdi

Concert performance with live drawings by Ulrich Scheel Giuseppe Verdi’s 7th Opera Giovanna d’ Arco”is listed 200th birthday on Friday, the 13th of September in the year of Verdi’s at 19:30 in the Hauptkirche St. Click New York museums for additional related pages. Jacobi in Hamburg. The performance is a concert performance with live drawings. The Illustrator Ulrich Scheel will follow with the pen the performance scene and this is transmitted on a screen. There is another level in addition to the German parent texts of the performance, Sung in Italian. In some ways, Giovanna d’ Arco has to do also with the Hamburg University of music and theatre. More information is housed here: shimmie horn. Because she is busy with the soloists of Hanna Zumsande as Giovanna (a current graduate), with Benjamin Bruns (Carlo/tenor), Member of the Vienna State Opera, a former graduates, and with Geerd Smits (Giacomo/baritone) a current Professor of the Institute. The choirs, representing particularly many identities in this opera, are choir and vocal ensemble St.

Jacobi, and a specially assembled male choir singing. Cards (12-30, erm. 7-20), Tel: 040 / 453326 press card order please when Julia Siebrecht by email at or by phone 040-30 37 37 11 contact: Hauptkirche St. Jacobi Jakobi Kirchhof 22 20095 Hamburg press officer: Julia Siebrecht phone 040-30 37 37 11 St. Jacobi church music a living tradition, diversity, and originality characterize music life at St. Jacobi. With an especially wide range of programme and performance practice, St.

Jacobi in a unique way contributes to the musical heritage of four centuries in church services and concerts are heard. The Arp-Schnitger-organ and the modern Kemper organ, the choir and the vocal ensemble as the choirs of St. Jacobi and the Cappella Praetoriana Orchestra ensembles, Cythara Ensemble and Concertone Hamburg are sound bodies, which meet all musical genres and styles. With the medieval church room, the separate South aisle, the Schnitgersaal Tower, the Jacobi, Mr. Hall and the Barocktreppenhaus on the north side has a rare wealth of venues, always again creatively used for new concert forms. From early music to modern, from the cantata-musical, from the Sunday to the musical theme night St. Jacobi offers always evocative sound experience inside the Church. You can get an impression with the recordings of organ and choral music, continually arising in recent years.


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