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Scientology Volunteer chaplains are in all over the world and around the clock to spot to pick up on those, which have been affected by disasters hundreds of thousands of Japanese lost their homes in the tsunami and were recorded in temporary shelters in schools and other public buildings. Today clergy about 10,000 victims in these shelters have can help successfully physical volunteer Scientology. About 590,000 inhabitants were made homeless after the tsunami in Japan, 4.4 million households were without electricity. Another million people were without water and over 14,000 people were killed. The magnitude 9.0 earthquake also destroyed the nuclear power plant in Fukushima. Tens of thousands of people had to be evacuated after the floods.

Clergy began promptly to help the victims in the affected regions by giving them, to alleviate their current complaints advisers based volunteer Scientology. The clergy led survivors to the shelters and distributed, which also getting food, water and medical supplies was available. In the meantime, had organized disaster relief teams of the Scientology Church Tokyo donations of blankets, clothing, food, water and other vital things and brought them by all available means in the devastated areas. Only hours after the disaster, the International Association of Scientologists (IAS) had granted a financial contribution to support the Scientology disaster relief team. There were flown to Japan 35 very spiritual and professional rescue specialists from abroad. Also the famous search and rescue team was Los topos”(the moles) of Mexico. Soon after Scientology disaster relief teams from Australia, Canada, Mexico, Taiwan, Spain, United Kingdom and the United States joined them.

This rescue campaign was financed by the IAS, medical supplies, food, tents, sleeping bags so that this helper could be flown to Japan, including emergency equipment. Communications equipment, inflatable boats, and much more. The honorary Scientology chaplains worked in different evacuation shelters and helped people in every imaginable way. The efficiency of the Scientology teams and their physical and spiritual first aid soon became known throughout the region. People come up to us, welcome us and make themselves so that they can receive an assistance”, said Ayal Lindemann, a paramedic from New York, who had already been during many disasters in use. It is truly amazing to see how using advisers relief is brought people and the loudspeaker announcements to hear about, that we have arrived. The announcements encourage everyone to get a support”. The actions of Scientology were supported by the Director of disaster Omagawa clergy. He thanked for the work of the Scientology disaster relief team and praised the helpful methods developed by L. Ron Hubbard. He heard from many people that it them now better would go, after they received an assist from Scientologists. Until today, clergy in the tsunami disaster area in Tokyo, Sendai and Kesennuma worked about 120 volunteers Scientology to support those who need most help. To this day they have can help individually 11.900 people. Even today, clergy in Japan get Scientology to help and on-site to assist people in their work.


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