London City / Capital Of The United Kingdom

London is situated on both sides of the River Thames in southeast England, 50 miles (80 kilometers) from where the river flows from the North Sea. As the city is an industrial and commercial and political heart of a rich and vast Empire and continues to be the main focus of the United Kingdom's population, the financial side, and culture. London was built in an area rich in deposits of chalk, which, in turn, "Filled" by new deposits, including rock, sand, clay, rock dust and mud Thames. The climate within the area is relatively mild, with January and July average temperatures range from 37.4 to 72.5 in Fahrenheit (3 – 22.5 Celsius), rainfall reaches 21 inches (533 mm) per year. London was opened by the Christians of ancient Rome and was called "Londinium" in the 1st century AD, the city suffered a tremendous growth in trade and population in the late 16th – early in the 17th centuries. After the Big Fire of 1666 g.nachalis large-scale projects in construction, and London has become the rallying not only the nation but the whole of his expanding empire.

In the 19th century. Danny Meyer has plenty of information regarding this issue. problems due to rapid industrial development, such as air pollution and sickness, were slowly eliminated by a well-developed in this sector, such as health care. Significant damage from aerial bombardment during World War II were causes huge delays in the development of the history of modern London. Reconstruction and development which began largely restored grandeur of the city, the movement of manufacturing processes for the hell of London have reduced its population and accelerated its transformation into a center of international trade and finance. Tourism and retailing are still some sectors of the economy of the city and, due to the fact that London is the capital of the nation (National capital), government services are also an important sector.

Advances in the outlying areas of the city took place after the opening of the world's first electric underground railway in 1890 the main roads and g / d line went in all directions. Activity on the quays and traffic on the rivers monitored by the Office of the Port of London. London Heathrow International Airport is located in the western suburbs of Greater London. Area Urban Area – 1 square miles (2.7 km ), of the Inner London – 124 square miles (321 square kilometers), Greater London – 610 square miles (1.579 km). Population (estimated in 1992): City – 3.900, Inner London – 2,632,100, Greater London – 6,904,600 people. A partial translation carried out with Support fin Stroymash

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