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Sort your finances is the first step to stay well financially. 2 Be generous and have a heart to give to others as there are natural laws that govern the universe, like the law of gravity, there are universal laws that govern in the financial field. One of them is the law of sowing and harvesting. It is a biblical law which many businessmen are very aware. Regardless of the amount of their income, allocate at least 10% of them to help the needy. If attending a church, you should decimate it. If you have in your heart an orphanage or a nursing home, become one of the benefactors of these institutions.

God is going to increase and multiply those who have a heart for the needy. 3 Save for the future in a world that is bombarding us with one about offering products and instant credits, it is difficult to stay free of the famous debts of consumption. The majority of households with lucky manage to pay your monthly expenses, regardless of their income level. Faced with such daunting panorama, saving seems to be a utopia. However, it constitutes one of the fundamental pillars of a good financial situation.

If you has been generating an income for years and still has not been able to accumulate a significant amount of savings, you have to make a drastic decision in the area of their expenses. 4. Plan your budget. Plan your finances is like planning your life. Many people planned their holidays with care, but do not take the time to properly plan a much larger budget: of their lives. You should have at least 3 established budget plans: one monthly, one annual and one for the next 5 years.

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