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Application for the invention was published in the Official Journal of the Russian Agency for Patents and Trademarks, t.32, p.91-92, Moscow, 2002. .) Speaking about the possibility of creating other (except nuclear power) of the fundamental, natural sources energy should also be noted the following. In addition to the vortex phenomena in nature, in the experimental technique always revealed many facts inexplicable occurrence of additional energy (see author's paper on his website). Analysis of many such manifestations suggests that this occurs when using an electric field (and sometimes explicitly clear that this is the electric field) is hidden, myagkodozirovanny transition extra energy? Explain these facts to those claiming it to extract energy from the vacuum, and in fact it is under the influence of special electric field decay electrons flowing in the circuit (but not in the chain el.tok decreases as in place of decayed electrons from the external environment – for example from solar wind penetrates everything on Earth – others do and the total number of free electrons in the circuit remains unchanged). Modern Physics dogmatic rascal with the words "perpetual motion" in a row all that does not fit into their academic scheme. But some of the technical findings of the inventors and craftsmen are objective and real. In fact, in such devices unconsciously (ie, without an understanding of the physical nature of the researchers) is a hidden passage of matter into energy with the release of internal energy, which appears as if from nowhere (and even invent some of that is vacuum).

If the craftsman and inventor understood the physical nature accidentally discovered them the properties of nature, it could enhance the effect, making the necessary improvements. The above shows that in terms of new micro structure of ideas a person can create a highly efficient, environmentally-friendly sources of energy that can replace both the atomic and thermal power. The author hopes that this article researchers interested in this multifaceted nature of the properties and cause a broad discussion of the scientific community of the issues involved. Author VV Mashkov e-mail site on the Internet

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