Muller-BBM Strengthens Presence In The Region Of Stuttgart

Transition of the BFB Office for building Dynamics GmbH in the Muller-BBM subsidiary BFB Stuttgart Planegg completed successfully in Munich, Stuttgart, 22.07.2011 – engineering company Muller BBM GmbH has the late last year announced transition of the BFB Office for building Dynamics GmbH, a newly formed subsidiary of Muller-BBM GmbH successfully completed. After the move to new premises in the Schwieberdinger Strasse 62 in March 2011 is the Office for structural dynamics since July 1, 2011 now under the name “Muller-BBM subsidiary BFB Stuttgart” incorporated fully in the Muller-BBM GmbH. Christa Ryan-Beyer and Karlheinz Beyer, the two founders and previous holders of the Office for structural dynamics, involved continues to provide advice for the establishment and their customers. Dr.-ing. Edwin Schorer, Managing Director of Muller-BBM GmbH: “us on this way expressly for the excellent collaboration thanks and for the trust, the US woman Ryan-Beyer and Mr. Beyer” have taken. We look forward to a successful common future.” The BFB Stuttgart Branch includes all areas of influence of dynamic loads, in particular from traffic loads, machine loads, wind and earthquake on buildings, people, equipment, and machinery. On the basis of accurate vibration analyze and define the experts of Muller-BBM branch vibration requirements for construction projects of all kinds and manage advice.

Defects or reprogramme existing building their offer includes also strengthening measures. The BFB Stuttgart branch has a unique vibration generator with the DYNAQ in this performance class. Building dynamic services are provided also by the Muller-BBM colleagues at the headquarters of the company in Planegg near Munich. Muller-BBM has taken over the entire team of the Office of structural dynamics, personnel to strengthen the Office and expanded its range. The Director of the branch is Dr.-ing. Silke Appel to assume. Dr has Appel extensive experience in all areas of soil and structural dynamics, the traffic vibrations and also in the area of the earthquake calculations.


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