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A brief overview of the new action game prototype 2 which enthusiasts the fanbase worldwide about three years ago. After three years, it has finally come, and the manufacturer Blizzard Entertainment released in approximately two days his latest masterpiece. In the new action game prototype 2, which could harvest year 2009 worldwide success revolves around and once again appears to be playing at the foot of the community. Hardly a different game has it this year managed to pull the ground on its side, apart from the blockbuster success Diablo 3. We’ve looked at more closely the game and want to show you what the new action game has everything to offer and what is the story of the whole. For this we have the prototype 2 download version backed up.

Story: Prototype 2 play the Seargent James Heller. In the sequel to the successful game prototype, you no longer play the actor of the series of Alex Mercer, but Mr Heller, whose living had been destroyed and nearly wiped out by the actions of Alex Mercer. . The wife of Light and its subsidiary fell a terrible virus to the victim. So begins the story of James Heller–he logs to the nearest to the voluntary service for suicidal missions in the red zone. With this decision, he hoped in the Badlands, what was once New York City die and in this way as possible take so many mutants.

Something – happens at once when the last mission the Heller is applied, device he ambushed by a foul and we of the so-called infected brutally massacred however he is the sole survivor and Alex Mercer faces now, which until then as a conquering of the city floated. Prototype 2 is the man opposite its existence in wiping out and took him everything was sweet for him now. Suddenly ignited a battle, James loses, because Mercer has the far greater reserves of power.

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