On The Joke “You Have New Messages”

I do not want to seem “spoilers” but I want to make a special appeal related to the well-known joke about new messages. At first it seemed a good idea, and made us laugh more than any we have fallen into the same A good way to kill a bit of stress!, But … I think it would be very good use in calming our discussions, since I’ve seen it quite this proliferating and often (although when they’re in a hurry and need) will cause tremendous confusion and makes us lose precious time. Greetings. – Snakeyes – help 23:06 22 Sep 2008 (UTC)
I agree with Snakeyes ( disc. contr. Bloq .) Is not a serious fault, it’s a simple grace, but the repetition makes it lose and finish tired. Esteban (talk) 23:09 22 Sep 2008 (UTC)
According to Snakeyes and Stephen, the “joke” and is getting heavier and cansona.Nicop (talk) 23:14 22 Sep 2008 (UTC)
Completely agree, see this “joke” on several pages weary, besides, as if it might be the destination URL at the bottom of your browser. If I remember correctly, the issue had been discussed before in the cafe for proposals, but it seems that the newly-emerged with this joke. Pericallis Mailbox 02:37 23 Sep 2008 (UTC) PS: There’s even the “chistosito” that has been put in the Community Portal.
Worst of all, using my link everywhere, I can not control! XD 3 3 — 3 — 04:51 23 Sep 2008 (UTC)
I agree to some extent. Mass do not, but we must also show some humor. Do not remove the joke, but if you make between colleagues, not in common areas ). Superzerocool (mailbox msg) 04:55 23 Sep 2008 (UTC)
And to finish off the malhdabos vivlyos not let me remove it from here: User talk: Pontevedra78: P 3 3 3 — — 04:58 23 Sep 2008 (UTC)
I suggest removing it from the discussions, because she does not see the grace and only time we remove. Who wants to keep it, have your user page, but nothing more. Greetings to everyone – BetoCG ‘ i’ 20:35 23 Sep 2008 (UTC)
do not exaggerate … and if one does not like to moonbook (or call), the mouse moves over and puts User: X / joke and not clicking on the above, that’s all. I think everyone can put whatever you want him on your page without offending anyone ) Trumpets of Jericho 20:38 23 Sep 2008 (UTC)
Yes, it’s easy to find but that does not bother giving away view of entry and believe that you have messages. What is your utility ‘ Do grace’ Wikipedia is not a social club. Morza (sono qui) 22:19 23 Sep 2008 (UTC)
When I get a message I just click to see it, almost automatically, and I do not think being the only (not fall equally on the jokes … for several reasons, including that most of the new mail is not a joke updated when you update mediawiki) By the way, Pericallis on discussion of April many were against the clear message of the discussions (although the subject is much desvio mainly because it was argued in a policy of: and all that roll) Hey! Hey! Jarisleif! (Paal Hakkaa Pohja Poike!) 22:24 23 Sep 2008 (UTC)
Cut the topic! was discussed before and who proposed it look bad, as it is! Trumpets of Jericho 19:42 25 Sep 2008 (UTC)
If you say “now” can mean that you accept what is decided by consensus: that joke at the time, was original, but now no one is heavy and falls on it, so it is inadvisable to include in the discussion page. Nobody has proposed anything totally different, at least not without arguments ) Hey! Hey! Jarisleif! (Paal Hakkaa Pohja Poike!) 20:05 25 Sep 2008 (UTC) PS: Further reading: Wikipedia: Consensus
N menor in Wikipedia things do not work as you think, is not: “No one replied to my stuff, I do a survey and it is!” No. Here is required a minimum of seriousness. In the other case was not even an issue arises and tired from the standpoint of English. Not now. Now we talk about an issue that is causing more trouble that grace and sincerity, if you spend apetce is a joke people, this is not the place. Morza (sono qui) 20:26 25 Sep 2008 (UTC)
Please do not exaggerate, Wikipedia is not a social club, but not a jail, it’s in the prisons also are permitted jokes. And also remember that we are all volunteers, so these small vent have nothing serious as this discussion makes it appear. 3 3 3 — — 09:11 26 Sep 2008 (UTC)
Hello, I know the joke very recently that made me cai many thanks. I understand that some people have seen it so many times that no longer makes, but the same grace that made him the first time and do not worry about the seriousness, now has exactly the same earnest, objective, take a little freedom in pages for each user, that the “injury” ocasinado is easily reversible (just look to where to send the link or give the back button).

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