Portable Technology

In an age of portable technology, as documented agreement is possible, by negotiating on a cell phone, but the actual contract – to send a fax, it may seem, courier service has lost its relevance. Courier Services, meanwhile, is now very much in demand, the majority of the business – services have delivery service, courier and the word is synonymous with the words 'responsibility' and 'reliability'. Courier Moscow – the person or organization hired to for delivery contracts, correspondence, mail and valuables. In ancient times, the era of ancient Greece and Rome, the function assigned to the courier had been on special messengers, who, apart from the usual notices and letters, often bore and diplomatic correspondence. In Russia, the delivery service was introduced by Peter 1 in 1701 to transfer the securities royal charters.

In many ways, the other face of Moscow gained its delivery service to those distant times. Organization ready offer similar services, is now interested in carrying out their orders. And performs a number of requirements that would have assured the integrity of a trusted sender of the goods, as well as the fact that it is delivered personally in hand: delivery report and signature of the recipient, a flexible approach to customers, as well as safety and speed. Companies that provide courier services, the mass, but only some of them pay attention to qualifications of its staff, build relationships and a few with postal and transport companies to ensure prompt delivery, at the same time embracing more and more territory. Delivery Moscow today characterized by the fact that correspondence is divided into the 'commerce' (brochures, fact that was not ordered, but paid for by advertisers) and the actual mail (for example, various periodicals issued by a company); 'Commerce' – yet another revenue courier organizations. Delivery time depends on the subject of the courier and the urgency of its dimensions, that affects the cost of shipping. Express Moscow – a guarantee that an expensive gift and loved dear person or the security is not lost on the mezzanine of post offices, and will be transferred directly into the hands of the recipient, as you will be notified.


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