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According to the survey polls (All-Russian Public Opinion Research Center) and the radio station “Ekho Moskvy” half of Russians fear losing their jobs due to the financial crisis. Polls surveyed 1,600 people in 153 settlements (fear 66%), radio station “Ekho Moskvy” is conducting a survey on its website today (16.10.2008) voted in 2075 people (48% fear). People are afraid, looking at the U.S. and the EU, where the process of job cuts is gathering pace. In the U.S., cut 77,000 jobs construction industry and 75,000 jobs in Finance (expected to more than 185 000).

In almost all countries there is a reduction of construction and reducing the number of issued mortgage loans. Russia has also started, while still insignificant, reduction of jobs in the construction industry and office workers, mostly in Moscow and St. Petersburg. For example, 5% of the respondents on the site, “Ekho Moskvy” stated that they had lost their jobs due to the crisis, 28% not afraid of losing their jobs because expect to find a new job in case of shortage. Indeed, the base of job vacancies in the staffing agencies, including the Internet, in Russia as a whole even greater – more than 180,000. Moreover, the need and builders, and financiers, traditionally a strong demand for information technology workers (see a vacancy on the site.

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