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As well as the writing of the body can still spread a lot of formal errors going, to promote that the release still in the Recycle Bin. The body should start with information about the motives or new to a particular product. Also in this case, you must generate an added value for the reader. It is important that it is well researched background information. New, still unknown details give the reader the feeling of having a competitive edge. He receives only information that were already on the Internet, radio, to experience TV or other daily newspapers, he is dismissive quickly. Everything heard. Interviews and quotes “living text” if it is possible, should find himself also quotes or smaller interviews in the press release.

For one so made statements can be supported with eye-witnesses or parties, on the other hand is increased so the reading pleasure or lightened the read-flow. Neither quotes still interviews may be too long and not digress from the topic, otherwise also the examiners editor or the subsequent reader can the subject matter of the Lose the eye. What is it again? If editors once posed this question, then even some virus protection reacts to the document warns, and deletes. Press releases for website or blog optimize times of the printer ink are not over, who want to use press releases, but to “promote his own blog or his website”, can his lyrics “spread”. Just in the English language or Web space release submitter or press Equalizer take care by so-called press for the distribution of press releases.

This “diversification”, as well as thanks to optimized press releases (as described in the first paragraph) can increase in number of visitors (traffic) and link popularity, achieve a better position on the results pages of search engines and rebuilt self-image above all positive, respectively improved. Just website owners and bloggers should use the last paragraph of the press release in relation to deliver comprehensive and basic data or information via the own website; also, who should in this part Press release all relevant contact information be noted. German-speaking press portals can be used now, there are also a number of free German-language press portals specializing in the dissemination of press releases. The list of providers is long: PR inside, News4Press, live PR, PR Center, press coverage, or open press portal have can acquire already a reputation here. If you would rather fachspezifischer like for the global economy, corporate press, or perspective SME have the appropriate print and online newsrooms in the portfolio. But don’t forget, read also the eye. For an editor, it is pleasant if a font size to 12 points with a line spacing which varies between 1.2 and 1.5 points, is set. This makes it easier to read. In addition, press releases should be no longer than one or two DIN A4 pages; 500 words are considered optimal, with many editors. For your success on the Internet! Klaus Janschutz


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