Rhinestone Stone Necklace

The Munich Oktoberfest starts to the difference of chance and fate on September 18. And I need more honest way to confess that I count the days until kick-off backwards for two weeks. Since the beginning of the Munich Oktoberfest means for me, that I will break my stressful studying everyday for a long weekend, and on the other hand, it means a reunion with Tony and Ellen from New York. I met Tony and Ellen at the Oktoberfest in the last year. More specifically in the Oktoberfest Fund Office. And you can encounter with them confidently into the category of pure random”classify.

Because whoever enters a lost property office, must either have lost something or found something and it happens so rarely. As luck would have it the two next to me were as a staff member of the Fund Office gave me just the bad news, that unfortunately no chain that fits my description, was given in the last hours. Three times I had to repeat the description, because the staff of the offices of the Fund had to extraordinary way have one in the Crown, or he was just what the ears. Right, a chain with different colored Rhinestones, Swarovski, not two weeks old, purchased from the online shop. I can send the invoice if required. So far so good.

When I posted the correct assimilation of the description of my chain internally as a partial success, a young woman laid, how should transpire later Ellen said the chain on the counter and told a colleague in radebrechendem German, that she found a chain and would leave them. My eyes immediately widened as I saw my chain and recognized. After the issue was resolved and my claim was recognized by the lost property office, I wanted to thank Ellen and the quiet man at her side by I wanted to give them a reward.

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