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A travel companion that shows not only the beautiful sites of this city all roads lead to Rome. 76ers Owner follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. A sentence that demonstrates the importance of this city for the known world in ancient times. But more and more often heard in the hope of finding a way out of this city even Romans today. This guide published as an eBook in 2009 shows Rome as it really is, without looking through a romantic, transfiguring glasses. You can not measure Rome with normal standards.

The extreme bale it up: extreme extreme smog; according to, very much traffic, extremely poorly, the city of the scooter, the smarts, the certificates from times long past, but also the city of Truffatori (scammers), tax evaders, and last but not least between all the tourists. The author has lived 14 months in Rome and more than once think about, what moved tourists to venture into this juggernaut. There are plenty of those arguments: Colosseum, FONTANA di TREVI, PANTHEON, the FORUM ROMANUM, and much more. But Rome is not just history. The modern city of Rome is amazing the time afterwards. Visible as invisible problems accumulate.

Straight latter addressed almost indistinguishable from traditional tourist guides. With this guide should therefore not only completes the image of Rome, it should be made especially the General ruling romantic image of Rome in the right light. To a lot of practical tips, as well as deeper insights into the Roman society be given help to find your way in this jungle, or to understand at least the Romans.

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