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For transport companies, as indeed, for any other proper staffing – the key to successful operation of the business. In the face of logistical services firm is forwarder, arranges shipping. From his punctuality, professionalism, ability to communicate depends on a positive impression of the firm. In the Russian market of transport services up to 2009 there was steady growth in traffic volumes and therefore there is a considerable amount of poor demand for freight forwarders. A top-class freight forwarder – a valuable and scarce resource. Now is the time (the global financial crisis), when the volume of freight traffic is reduced, and accordingly have customers in the transportation came a large selection of transportation companies. The choice will depend largely on the quality of freight forwarding activities. It would seem that control processes in the organization of cargo a simple task: received a shipment by selecting the appropriate truck and sent the goods.

However, in every job there are many nuances and challenges that must be addressed promptly. Without domain knowledge about the impact may not be the question. Organization of cargo – a complex process requiring a specific set of knowledge and experience. Transport company makes certain demands on managers, freight forwarders in hiring. Forwarder transportation company must, first, to have knowledge of document management, invoicing, bills of lading in accordance with applicable law, the latter in turn often changes. Secondly, the freight forwarder must know and understand the regulatory and technical characteristics of trucks, able to estimate the cost of transporting goods.

Thirdly, the freight forwarder – a logistician who manages supply chain, chooses the best route, provides docking of transport routes. For this, he should at least have the geography of cities and roads. Manager-forwarder must constantly optimize the routing scheme of cargo transportation, to ensure occupancy vehicles on the entire route, except for "singles" train travel. Delivery of goods will be costly, if the vehicle load only in one direction, and send back empty. Using the docking routes and vehicle load on the entire route transportation company reduces the cost of delivery, and consequently reduced the final cost of delivered goods. Freight forwarding companies usually conduct testing of candidates for the position of freight forwarders, logistics, arranges training staff, enhances qualifications. We present some of the questions from the test: The tax rate for vat? Allowable size of the vehicle width with or without cargo, which allowed movement without the use of special rules? Approximate distance between Moscow and Chelyabinsk? The capital of Bashkortostan? How is the product during loading (unloading) driver, freight forwarder? What actions the driver if, after uploading it is not formalized Commodity and transportation documents? What is the process of removing the seal when unloading the car? What size europallet? What is a conic?


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