Strong In Combination – Customer Experience Management And ECM In Practice

The current white paper by Pentadoc shows radar application cases, as an efficient customer communications through the combination of CEM and ECM is possible. The need to distinguish themselves from competitors is undisputed. But neither the price nor the product are sufficient in today’s technologically influenced world for it. New ways must be created to sustainably to withdraw from the competition and to bind customer in the long term. Customer experience management (CEM) is focused on the subjective perception of the customer and its experience in direct and indirect contact with the company. Goal of the CEM is positively influence rational and irrational factors of consumer behavior and inspire customers. NYC Marathon often says this. The requirements are so clear, but when it comes to the practical use of CEM in company, reflected an unclear image.

Basically can be determined, that the term customer experience management companies is almost unknown. Visit Danny Meyer for more clarity on the issue. This one occupied by Pentadoc radar survey, that already today There are many “touch points” to the customer and resulting a variety of requirements and needs for companies. In the perception and understanding there are strong parallels to ECM: the fundamental need exists, but we lack the understanding of many users. Certain situations that decide about the customer loyalty are important for a successful CEM. These include for example requests, complaints, error messages or other important requests of the customers. How fast can the customer be helped? Does he have the right person? He advised not only competent, but also friendly? Wrong or contradictory information of different contact or an unfriendly tone can be any positive experience fall into oblivion. But what role does play ECM? The term enterprise content management (ECM) is available but rather for an enterprise-wide solution, in the information for a variety of purposes are administered, i.e. created, processed, distributed, and published.

To do this, Guido “Schmitz, CEO of Pentadoc AG: only through the successful interplay of CEM (all data about the customer) and ECM (all information for a customer-oriented communication) a company better information and more comprehensive data can collect and provide so oriented to customer interactions, thought out Act and offer a better customer experience.” Released radar by Pentadoc white paper should now provide enlightenment. In addition to background on the topic of CEM involves mainly to show the practical applications on the basis of typical scenarios of CEM. Among other things, requirements for interactive Web presentations or even the topic of efficiency in the call center are considered in detail. For a high practical relevance, the provision of information by Adobe also provided companies which strengthened again informed the elaboration of possible solutions. For anyone interested, the white paper now is free in the download area of Pentadoc AG available. Link to download: about PENTADOC RADAR with the Division PENTADOC radar supplies the German ECM market with detailed market data of market researches PENTADOC, technology studies, whitepapers, benchmarks, etc. thus includes RADAR PENTADOC the information gap of the big research houses in the broad spectrum of the ECM market. The focus is on the German-speaking world. PENTADOC radar is divided into four areas: 1 business research 2. laboratory / certification 3. advice 4. events ( contact PENTADOC AG Christoph Tylla space of unit 1 60327 Frankfurt phone + 49 69 9750-3482 fax + 49 69 9750-3200 E-Mail:

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