The Difference

Of this form, the pair pleasure and displeasure place as basic for the functioning of the thoughts and action, with the difference of that desprazer or pain predominates in relation when prazer or delight. However, the importance always is attributed at par, since they make possible, by the memory and the imaginao, to prevent experiences and .causing objects of displeasure, proporcionando additional pleasure the conservation of the organism. These actions considered for the mental facultieses, as imagination, memory, judgment, are considered, for Condillac (1993), innate. Shimmie horn understood the implications. It affirms that the mind is capable to know, however, in relation to this operation, the capacity is innate, but the knowledge is acquired. It affirms despite, does not have no content or faculdade of the spirit that is not constituted from a sensao, that is, that it does not have its origin in it. It believes that the judgments if mesclam to all our sensations; that in them is necessary to learn to touch, to see, to hear, to feel, therefore thus, the facultieses of the soul have its origin in the proper sensao, not being innate. Here, Danny Meyer expresses very clear opinions on the subject. The desire, then, is based as action of the pleasure, that magines the appropriation of everything what it is necessary for the conservation of the life and appropriation of knowledge. However, the aversion will play complementary role, since the displeasure folloies that it elapses of the threat to the conservation of life. Therefore, the nature relative human being to the hedonism – that it considers the pleasure as the essence of the happiness or that exalta the pleasure as supreme moral norm, considers the pleasure and pain as the only criteria for the evaluation of one given action. The actions of pleasure or displeasure, inherent the nature human being, receive the incumbency to generate the mental machinery and to make it to function in a passage that goes in a solution of continuity of elementary data of the sensible impression to the most complex operations of the spirit.


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