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“Current market assessments of the ‘ Jules Verne of the stock exchange” Heiko Thieme is an internationally recognized investment strategist and Portfolio Manager, who is working in the stock exchange business since 1972. He lives and works for over 25 years in the financial metropolis of New York, so that he can provide his readers with the latest news. Thieme daily stock market letter”investors will get the latest and most important information now directly from Wall Street and from Europe. Heiko Thieme wrote about more than 15 years for the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, as expert regular columns on the situation in the American stock market. His gift to pull out any market situation positive impulses for his investment strategies, has made his trademark optimism.

Like he is in interviews and the pessimist is the only crap, nothing grows on the documentation with the phrase”quotes. That he should be right with many of his assertions, many critics was later silenced and Jules Verne earned him the nickname among friends and admirers a the stock exchange”. Heiko Thieme obtained concentrated expertise now in its current market assessments from Monday until Friday of morning for only EUR 1.98 per issue. His new stock market letter Thieme daily”you can conveniently via pay-per-view no subscription obligation via the stock exchange letter portal or take over its new online presence.


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