Tom Hess

Most guitar teachers and students believe that private lessons is the best way to learn to play guitar. This false assumption is one of the main reasons why most guitar teachers have only a few good students, and why most earn less than 50,000 euros of 100,000 or more not to speak. The fact is, guitar students can benefit greatly, to learn to play guitar – combined course – in various group formats. Some skills, such as learning to play together with others, and to learn from other musicians cannot be purchased in the individual. “If students in a group, then one of the many advantages that it is harder to, once they realize that other students in the group are better. Of course you can learn a lot in one-on-one, it However, is intentionally an error, teaching in other forms to avoid. “, says Hess. In addition to individually help guitar students can teaching more than one student per hour dramatically increase the hourly rate of a teacher to reproduce several times his annual income.

-The difference between labour “in the” business and “most” business not to understand. Most guitar teachers are with the daily work, to give music lessons, that little time remains them to promote your business to get more guitar students, to analyze their teaching methods, or something to do to strengthen the loyalty of its existing students. Hess says: “Because guitar teachers usually struggling to earn enough they are often under pressure to find new pupils, and will no longer have enough time and energy to think about all the ways, which they could use to improve their existing students teaching experience.” – on the basis of existing teaching materials or Courses to teach. “Teach the guitar it more, to teach music to teach people,” says Hess. Flat rates or hours, claiming to be suitable for each show no success with the most students.

Therefore succeeds in teachers, who teach as well as never, on the basis of such a method, to produce really great guitarists. -Not to learn how to become a more effective teacher. To be a good musician, or to have a university degree in music, doesn’t mean, to be a good guitar teacher. If someone has the goal to teach hundreds of students really good guitar playing, and to earn a lot of money, it is necessary to master to mold students into great musicians and to create a thriving business the art and science. Tom Hess’s online guitar teacher and guitar teaching tests available free on ULI Latus


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