Germany Host

Can take part as the girls and boys. Determination, independence and desire to travel will be only a plus. What you need: to find a family to get them the necessary documents, and together with the documents referred to the embassy for an interview about a month and pick up your visa. Everything. Collect the bags, get in the plane, and welcome to another life! You, judging by your blog, no luck with a German host family. They were real monsters? No, they were not monsters.

There are families that are in the situation: a young girl arrives in a foreign country and, at first glance, entirely dependent on its host families. In one of these families and I fell. Had heard plenty of phrases: "You came to us, now anywhere from us will not get to go home, of course, do not go, so come on, do what you say. " So, to announce to all who are now in such a situation: It is always possible to change the family! Girls and guys, this is the year of your life, spend it with the maximum benefit, and should not tolerate antics of host families and do work that is not in your duties. If you can not resolve, please contact me, I'd be happy to help, because she was in a similar situation. I changed the family moved after 2 weeks in new and well 'dooperila' his year. Why to enter university chose Austria? In Germany, did not like? That's just in Germany I really enjoyed it.


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