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Federal Environment Ministry

“His conclusion: A performance increase to 30 to 50 percent is possible”. Dealing with seismic events that are triggered on geothermal projects, was a central theme of the second conference day. Important here is”a response plan that sets clear targets based on a mikroseismischen monitoring system, responds to seismic events in the region of the […]

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With New Household Appliances

The guzzlers wait at home and you can do something about it at the present time, environmental protection is on everyone’s lips, everywhere is confronted with the State and the impact of the current climate situation. Unless the CO2 emissions from factories or automobiles, energy standards for homes or the use of renewable energy. But […]

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Fuel Oil Price

A quiet day of trading on commodity exchanges – public holiday in the United States of LEIPZIG. (Ceto) Because of a holiday in the United States, today barely moving crude oil prices and commuted to the day last Friday. Significant impetus for trade were missing. Heating oil consumers in Germany enjoyed them lower prices after […]

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