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The guzzlers wait at home and you can do something about it at the present time, environmental protection is on everyone’s lips, everywhere is confronted with the State and the impact of the current climate situation. Unless the CO2 emissions from factories or automobiles, energy standards for homes or the use of renewable energy. But what many do not know or just do not want to just watch. Many energy guzzlers and polluters directly are at home in your own four walls. Old electrical appliances consume vast amounts of electricity and provide so, that both will hurt the environment, but to attack directly the people’s purses. You just look in the kitchens in the Republic. Can often be found here totally outdated washing machines, dishwashers and refrigerators. While many Germans are regularly new consumer electronics such as televisions and computers in the course of time, household appliances usually only then be replaced if they are broken.

But right here lurk potential environmental killer and money incinerator. Modern devices are Power consumption as well as the potential water consumption considerably more economical than devices that already 5-10 old years. Sometimes the difference is so great that one already again can find the cost of a new device between the saved electricity and water in a few years in his own pocket. This trend recognized the German Government in the late 1990s detects and then for many large appliances in the household the so-called EU label for sale made obligatory. These are the labels that can be read from the energy efficiency class of an appliance on first glance. By green (A+++) to red (D) any consumer can judge immediately, as energy-consuming and too expensive to maintain, so is new device. Compact Spandau put electronics retailers such as such as Innova for sale also quite deliberately, to sell the customers in addition to his desired product to show devices that protect the environment and save money at the end. But not only in the kitchen you will find devices, the proven pure power guzzlers turn out.

There are those in the entire budget. It starts at the old light bulbs and ends at TVs, heating systems and other keep electronics. One reason more regular time to worry, if and where you can save electricity, because at the end opens thus not only something for the own purse strings, but also something for environmental protection. And he should concern us all something. You have like questions about the energy saving and environmental protection through modern household appliances, such as help. Innova compact Pichelsdorfer road 97 13595 Berlin Spandau

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