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To the measure that the child grows, it tries separations more frequent of its mother, becoming it little the capable one to interpret them, I understand that this will come back. Mussen, Conger and Kagan (1995) point out that it I cry front to the separation for return of one year, has not the same […]



Looking for to see the popular children and classrooms under the optics of a first dialectic, to see what the child has of ugly and pretty, to live the diversity, with diverse children, dismitificando our positivistas esteretipos of that &#039 exists; ' bom' ' pupil and the professor ' ' padro' '. DOTTI (Apud SAUCERS, […]



Every day we must face facts that are beyond our control. The resignation becomes, then, in a necessary and healthy. The word surrender has traditionally had negative connotations, since, as attached beings we are, we stand by what we believe ours. This is how we relate the ideas of resignation surrender, sacrifice or even self-punishment. […]


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