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Congruence Therapist

Relatively to as and third estimated behind statements, Rogers gave a particular relief to the form as the person enters in relation with another one. Thus, it enumerated and it defined a set of attitudes that considered facilitadoras of the communication process Inter-human being. In in case that specific of the thematic one in reference, […]


The Difference

Of this form, the pair pleasure and displeasure place as basic for the functioning of the thoughts and action, with the difference of that desprazer or pain predominates in relation when prazer or delight. However, the importance always is attributed at par, since they make possible, by the memory and the imaginao, to prevent experiences […]



To the measure that the child grows, it tries separations more frequent of its mother, becoming it little the capable one to interpret them, I understand that this will come back. Mussen, Conger and Kagan (1995) point out that it I cry front to the separation for return of one year, has not the same […]


Biblical Psychology

Having itself finished the water it odre, placed it underneath it boy of one of the shrubs, and, moving away itself, it was to sit down opposite, at a distance of an arc shot; because he said: Thus I will not see to die the boy; e, sitting down in front of it, raised the […]



Our beliefs, are the basic part of our life. What we believe, if manifest; our thoughts are orders that will be obeyed and will see reflected in our life as experiences. For other opinions and approaches, find out what NYC Mayor has to say. Sigmund Frend had reason: ' ' It has words that thoughts […]



The pride looks the happiness in the external world, in the opinion of the others and in the consumption of corporeal properties and everything this does not generate happiness, only joy momentneaexterno the reply for its misfortune. Fear When we feel fear, the feeling that comes after that is of the impotence ahead of a […]



Looking for to see the popular children and classrooms under the optics of a first dialectic, to see what the child has of ugly and pretty, to live the diversity, with diverse children, dismitificando our positivistas esteretipos of that &#039 exists; ' bom' ' pupil and the professor ' ' padro' '. DOTTI (Apud SAUCERS, […]


Wilhelm Reich

Copied article of the GOOGLE! The harness to neuromuscular of the character and orgasmo Reich observed that emotions and thoughts always have physical equivalents and vice versa. An emotion always brings obtains change in the circulation of the bioenergia related the muscular contractions located and modifications in the breath and the physical position. This happens, […]


Definition Function

The search of optimum agreement in what it comes to be the memory has been reflection subject has much time. Aristotle considered the memory as the only source of memory and transmission of knowledge of person for person and generation for generation. Get more background information with materials from New York Museums. The memory corresponds […]


Checking Accidents

In any complex or simple structure, there is always a waste waste products. So way, any structure is always stored wastewater is not realized until the end of the negative energy, as I mentioned above, which asks for freedom, having not found the application at the moment in this place. In intervals "W" this energy […]

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